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Welcome to verbilogic, where research meets innovation.

As a women-owned, industry veteran business, we’re dedicated to providing insightful, accurate, and efficient market research services. With a footprint in the United States and Europe, our team is composed of seasoned research professionals who employ a variety of methodologies to deliver actionable insights.


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How It works?

At verbilogic, we understand the power of Research.

Our core focus is on verbatim/open-end coding, a vital aspect of market research that transforms qualitative feedback into measurable insights. How can we assist you? Our innovative strategy merges the expertise of skilled human coders, state-of-the-art AI, and a hybrid model to deliver coding services that are not only comprehensive and accurate but also highly efficient. This means that your valuable data will be deciphered effectively, enabling you to extract meaningful information and make informed decisions swiftly.